Who We Are

Health care is a right, not a privilege.

School-Based Health Care is a program of Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC).

CHC is a private, non-profit agency with the mission of providing primary care and social services to all, particularly to those who cannot gain access to such services elsewhere.

Committed to the Underserved
CHC programs are available to all, but we have a special commitment to the uninsured, underinsured, and key populations such as patients with HIV/AIDS.

For a constantly growing number of people in practically every Connecticut town, we are the healthcare organization that works to keep our patients—and our communities—healthy.

Going Beyond Traditional Care
CHC practices what is widely considered the future course of healthcare delivery.

We incorporate prevention and health promotion, treatment of illness, and management of chronic disease – often all during the same visit. Using innovative service delivery models and state of the art technology, CHC goes beyond traditional health services to bring care to the places it is most needed, and most impactful.

Affordable Care for Everyone
A sliding fee is available to all patients of the Community Health Center. No one is denied access to the sliding fee discount. Contact any of our staff members for assistance in applying for the sliding fee discount.

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Email us or contact us at 475-231-6978.

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